Dad, please stop, I promise I will not work that anymore: Father pulled the hair on the shop! The world is shocked! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The photo that has shocked many people on social networks I've been tagged in the Volmart chain in Klivlend

Erika Burc photographed her father and daughter buying in "Volmart" with her father holding a girl's hair, pushing the wheelchair, and pulling her out of action.

"He wore his hair around his arm, pushing his stroller and dragged him all the way with him. She asked him to stop - Dad, please stop, I promise I will not do it anymore, "Erika wrote on social networks.

The woman who photographed the situation explained that she could not believe what she saw.

- I told him to leave the lady in peace. He replied that I was looking at my work. I told him I would not look at my job because the girl was jumping and asked her not to pull her hair, and he replied - and I grew up as well, what did I do to you - adds Erika.

Burc says the police officer did not want to intervene because there were no signs of injury.

How is this possible? She was a baby with only 5 years! (VIDEO)

After numerous appeals to the police in Klivlend, a statement was announced on the official page of the police department that the police station received a large number of complaints that the child in Volmart was physically abused and that the detectives would do their job and investigate the case.

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