7 Bollywood Stars Who Dumped Their Families After Getting Famous

A family is…where the life begins and love never ends! But is the power of name and fame can make anyone leave their family? Don’t know about other but these Bollywood stars actually did that after they became famous. Check out the list:

1) Mandana Karimi

She accused her husband and in-laws of domestic violence and forcing her to quit acting after which she left them.

2) Krushna Abhishek

The nephew of Govinda made headlines earlier when a news of his spat with Govinda and his wife went viral. Govinda said that he lived with them for years and got work on his name and now he doesn’t bother to talk to them.

3) Arshad Warsi

The famous actor of Bollywood never talks about his step-cousin Anwar Hussain after getting famous and maintains a distance from him.

4) Ameesha Patel

She accused her family of mismanaging her finances and even filed a lawsuit against them. Now she lives alone.

5) Prateik Babbar

He is a son of Raj Babbar and Smita Patil. His mother died after delivering him. Prateik was furious at his father as he was giving more time to his other family.

6) Kangana Ranaut

As her family was against her will of making a Bollywood career, she left them and didn’t talk to them for long.

7) Surveen Chawla

She shot to fame with her skin show in the film Hate Story 2. After that, her father broke ties with her, since then they are not on talking terms.

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