We have finally come up with a list of food producers using genetically modified GMOs whose products are on our market

We have finally come up with a list of food producers using genetically modified GMOs whose products are in our market. As our company names mean little, we send you the brands under which we sell you. (Otherwise, we better not send you photos of the labs that were fed with GM maize - their tumors are huge)

Please share this list.

List of GMO products - food that has genetically modified organisms:

01. Snickers, Mars, Twix, Milky Way, Bounty (čokoladice)

02. Campbell Supe (supe)

03. Uncle Ben’s (grašak)

04. Lipton (čaj)

05. Cadbury (čokolada, kakao)

06. Ferrero (Nutela, Kinder jaje, Kinder bueno)

07. Nestle čokolada, Nestle Nesquik

08. Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, 7-up

09. Knorr (sos, supe, kocke za supu)

10. Hellman’s (začini, majonez, sokovi)

11. Heinz (začini, majonez, sokovi)

12. Kraft (omiljena čokolada Milka, čips, Jacobs kafa, dečiji napitak)

13. Heinz Foods (kečap, sokovi)

14. Mc’Donalds mreža restorana “brze” hrane i njihovi obroci

15. Hipp (dečija hrana)

16. Abbot Labs Similac (mleko u prahu za bebe)

17. Department

18. Danone – jogurt, kefir, sir

Serbian Institute of Occupational Health "Dr. Dragomir Karajovic"

Deligradska 29, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia

This you have to know.

In almost all Frikom's ice creams there is Karagenan carcinogen, one of the most potent additives (labeled as E407). It is forbidden in the European Union because it causes colon cancer but is not banned in tissue. neelite states where the Oncology Clinic is packed with deadly deceased children. (No one in this shameful state should set up and answer the question: where did the tumor in the child for less than three years?)

Where is the limit of our indifference?

Where is the beginning of our responsibility?

Well, I do not think they are in the oncology department ?!

See links in which vet. Inspector Miroslav Stojišić speaks of the very dangerous Karagenan E-407 (and look more widely on foreign sites)

And then: go to the nearest store, buy your favorite frik ice cream, read the composition in it and - BACITE GA IN EMBROIDERY!

Expand this vest to all those who are dear to you!

Stop Frikom! Zdravlje nikom!

This is the only kind of pressure we can influence responsible people in this company to take away the poison from the ice cream and stomach of our children!


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