Halloween Party Ideas: Decor, Treats & Drinks

Music: check. Invitations: check. Costumes: check. What more is needed for throwing a good Halloween party? Lots! But the good news is, it’s super simple to throw a party that is festive and also stylish. Have your guests talking for years to come with these inspired Halloween party ideas.


Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

If you want your bash to truly stand out, incorporate whimsical yet sophisticated décor elements and finishing touches. Use an understated tablecloth with a simple pattern, like black and white stripes or grey polka dots. Set out plain white serving dishes so you can add pops of orange and black—like striped straws, paper plates, napkins and funky drink glasses—elsewhere. String up some white twinkle lights to set a magical mood and hang pretty orange and black DIY tissue pom poms.

Halloween candy is a fantastic way to decorate the table, and gives guests some tasty treats to nibble. Fill clear glass containers with classics, like candy corn and candy pumpkins, and add embellishments, like spooky printable labels that say, “Boo” or “Happy Halloween!” Use several containers that vary in size and an assortment of Halloween candy to create dimension and interest on the table.

A must for every table setting is a floral centerpiece. For this particular occasion, go for something joyful and beautiful, like our pumpkin patch bouquet in a jack-o-lantern.  


Halloween Party Treat and Dessert Ideas

Halloween and sweets are pretty much synonymous with one another. Along with the candy you are putting out on the table, include some Halloween treats like chocolate-covered Oreos—they are not only delicious, but are decorated with adorable Halloween characters your guests will love. Place them on one of your plain white platters so they’ll really stand out.

Cupcakes are also a Halloween essential, as they can easily be served and eaten while mingling with fellow partygoers. Make chocolate cakes with white frosting or white cake with chocolate frosting, and bake them in festive Halloween cupcake wrappers. Also, you can add orange and black sprinkles or some pumpkin or spider cupcake toppers to make them extra wickedly adorable.

Give your ghostly guests spine-chillingly delicious snacks during the party too. Put out a spread of appetizers with a spooky Halloween theme, like hot dog mummies or a big pumpkin-shaped cheese ball. Don’t forget to pair these treats with unique Halloween gifts.


Halloween Party Drink Ideas

What’s a party without some liquid refreshments? A full bar—stocked with various liquor, beer and wine—is always a good idea. But also include a Halloween-themed specialty drink that is frightfully delicious, like blood-red sangria—a mixture of red wine, brandy, club soda and orange juice served over ice. Or, for the kiddos at your Halloween celebration, try this boo-nilla shake—a delicious vanilla milkshake complete with bone-chilling chocolate ghosts painted on the side of the glass.

Halloween is a night of fun and fantasy—and there is no better excuse to gather with friends on a cool autumn night. With this list of must-haves for throwing a great Halloween party, you’re sure to make it one to remember.


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